Alberta - Should all RV's and Trailers have Solar Panels
Should all RV's and Trailers have Solar Panels
May 02, 2016
There are often times when you just don't have a need to use your RV. So you park your RV somewhere convenient to store for a period of time.

What most RV & Trailer owners don't realize is even when all the lights and appliances are turned off in your RV there is still a small draw on your RV & Trailer house batteries. Over time, this can completely drain the batteries down to nothing. You wouldn't notice that they are dead until you return to your RV & or Trailer some time later, likely just when you need to use the thing!

This seems to happen quite often. When it does, it is not only a pain to have to replace the batteries, but buying one or two batteries plus paying for installation will run you a pretty penny! If you had solar panels on your RV or Trailer you would never again have to worry about this happening to you, and this is one good reason to get them installed.
Written by: Steve
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