Alberta - RV Driving/Towing Tips
RV Driving/Towing Tips
Apr 29, 2016
Accidents at the Gas Pump: The leading insurance claim is hitting concrete islands or poles at the gas pump
1) Accidents at the Gas Pump: The leading insurance claim is hitting concrete islands or poles at the gas pump.

2) Right Turns: Making right turns made the list of the top five RV insurance claims for the same reason as gas stations. When you make a right turn in an RV you need to drive out further than you are accustomed to before you start into the turn. If you start to make a right turn too early, before your pivot point clears an object, it can result in hitting an object or driving over a curb. When you make a right turn tail swing applies too. If you are too close to an object on the opposite side of the direction you are turning in your tail swing can hit the object.
3) Height of RVs: An average size vehicle can drive through or under any bridge, tunnel, overpass or fast food drive thru that you encounter. When you are driving a motorhome or towing a trailer you need to constantly be aware of heights. It is not uncommon for RVs to exceed 12 or more feet in height. When you are traveling on back roads an overpass that you could easily clear in an automobile can result in serious damage to your RV.

4) Backing the RV: Backing an automobile is totally different from backing a RV or Trailer. It is larger, you cannot just look over your shoulder and it requires practice to become proficient. For starters you should always try to avoid backing from your right side. This is your blindside. It is much easier to back from your left. The best method for backing is to have a spotter guide you. You need to be able to communicate using hand signals or radios. The spotter needs to be positioned where they can be seen in your mirror. This means the spotter may need to move as you turn and back. You should always be able to see each other's faces during the backing maneuver. If something doesn't look right, stop, get out and look. If you need to back without assistance walk the area first. Establish predetermined stop points, and then stop, get out and check when you reach that predetermined point. Repeat this process as many times as necessary. Always be on the lookout for small children and pets.
5) Roof & Side Swipe Damage: Number five on the list is a big one. It goes back to driving a smaller automobile again. In a car you don't need to be concerned with tree branches and other overhead obstacles, or with sideswiping a roof overhang or hitting a mirror on a bridge. Always keep in mind a motohome or trailer is wider and taller than an automobile. When you add mirrors and awnings it's even wider and with items like roof mounted air conditioners and antennas it's taller too. When you arrive at the campground you need to get out and look before attempting to park the unit on the site. Tree branches and other overhead obstacles can easily damage the roof and sides of the RV.
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