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LP Gas System
Apr 29, 2016
Have the LP gas system inspected every spring before using the RV. Take your RV to a qualified service center and let them check the LP gas system for proper appliance operating pressure and to check the system for leaks.
Familiarize yourself with the odorant added to LP gas to assist you in detecting a leak, and what to do if there is a gas leak.

How much LP gas your RV holds can be confusing. People often refer to it in gallons and/or pounds. You may have heard somebody say that the gas cylinders on their travel trailer are 30 lb. cylinders, or they may say their cylinders hold 7 gallons apiece. One gallon of LP gas weighs 4.26 pounds. All LP gas cylinders and tanks are only filled to 80 % of their capacity to allow for expansion when the temperature around the container rises.
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